Tuesday, 30 May 2017


The feast of Pentecost is marked by an outpouring of creative energy and movement.   Jerusalem was bustling with Jewish pilgrims.    It was buzzing with a variety of languages.   50 days after Passover Jews scattered round the eastern Mediterranean had come to celebrate what had originated as a harvest festival, but had developed into a feast thanking God for the gift of his Law on Mt. Sinai, 50 days after He’d delivered His people from slavery in Egypt. 

Meanwhile Christ’s small group of followers prayed together in the upper room.   Then 50 days after Jesus, the New Paschal Lamb, had sacrificed His very life to save us from slavery to sin,  the Holy Spirit, promised by Christ, suddenly burst into their midst   -as a rushing wind, a hidden source of energy, a powerful breath of life. Then the Spirit rested on their heads, in the form of tongues of fire.   These suggested the light of truth and eloquence, the burning zeal to share the Good News.  In the power of the Holy Spirit the apostles left the upper room; the Church was born! 

Courageously they preached the Good News.  In the power of the Holy Spirit the Law given on Mt. Sinai was fulfilled as the apostles proclaimed Christ’s Law of Love. The Gospel was understood and welcomed by people speaking a variety of languages.   The Holy Spirit had not only given eloquence to the preacher, but had also touched the minds and hearts of those who heard him.   The Church had embarked on its life-long mission to proclaim the Good News to the whole world.   Already, at Pentecost, God’s harvest was being gathered in.  

At Pentecost Christ’s followers became missionaries.  That means each of us. Through baptism and confirmation we have been given the privilege and responsibility of sharing the faith we have received.  Obviously we will do this in different ways, according to our abilities and the opportunities we have. But though we are so diverse the Holy Spirit unites us in the one body of Christ –the Church.

The Spirit who came in such a dramatic way at the 1st Pentecost is still with the Church.  And always will be –Christ has guaranteed that.  The Spirit still leads us into the truth of Christ. The Spirit still touches the minds and hears of people, in many unforeseen ways.  We need to remember that when God gives us a task He always gives us the help we need to do it.   We are not working alone against overwhelming odds.

Today we thank God for the gift of his Spirit.   We pray that the Spirit will enkindled within us the fire of love for God’s saving truth,  a burning zeal to share it with others.  We pray that the Spirit will help all who hear the Good News of salvation will welcome it with joy.    

Isidore O.P.          

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