Saturday, 7 March 2009


Peter and Isidore

Peter Clarke O.P. has worked in the W. Indies for over fifty years. During that time he’s been deeply involved in broadcasting on radio and T.V, and has written for the Grenada Catholic newspaper, Catholic Focus. He was urged to present ‘a spirituality for ordinary people so as to help them relate their everyday experiences to their encountering God.’ Gradually Peter developed a column entitled ‘Meeting God My Way.’ He allowed his imagination to run freely in discovering the many different ways we meet God in our daily lives. Some of these are prosaic, others amusing and others tragic. When Peter became editor of Catholic Focus he invited his twin Dominican brother, Isidore, to contribute to the ‘Meeting God’ column.

People have welcomed our approach and now have urged us to place our musings on the present blog. Of course we are not doing anything new. The parables of the Kingdom are based on situations familiar to Christ’s audience.

We have tried to use our imaginations to see how God reveals himself in the daily situations of life. In publishing our reflections we hope for three things. Firstly, that you will find them helpful; secondly, they will inspire you to use your own imaginations to find God in the daily circumstances of your own lives. And most importantly, we hope that from our quirky meditations it will be clear that we must be open to seek and find God in every situation. We must not restrict him to revealing himself only in so-called ‘religious’ settings. The craziest situations can tell us much about God and ourselves.

We plan to produce a new reflection each week.
Peter Clarke O.P.
Grenada, W. Indies.

Isidore Clarke O.P.

With the permission and blessing of the V. Rev. John Farrell O.P.,
Provincial of the English Province of the Order of Preachers.

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  1. Hello,

    Fr. Peter Hunter told me about this blog and I just found the address from Godzdogz.

    I wonder if Fr. Peter (Clarke) remembers me. I lived in Grenada for about 6 months and stayed in the Priory back in 2001-02 whilst I was involved in the youth ministry with Fr. Ronald Holder.

    I have good memories of my chats with Fr. Peter and of hearing him preach. I look forward to following this blog.

    God Bless

    Jack Regan